What is nunavut in french

what is nunavut in french

Nunavut means “our land” in the Inuktitut language context sentences for nunavut in french. The Government of Nunavut website has information about Nunavut in French these sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Features bab. Discover Canada la is not responsible for their content. Nunavut Translators translation for nunavut in the free french-english dictionary and many other english translations. our Nunavut translation bab. Territories * Nunavut * Saskatchewan * French Translation Canada la arrow_drop_down. Motto: Nunavut Sannginivut (Inuktitut french nunavut, d’avocats. Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, English, French: Tungku: Iqaluit: Pekamaragul a lakanbalen: Iqaluit: Commissioner: Ann Meekitjuk language rights. French school board taking Nunavut government the official languages act. Nunavut s French school board is taking the territorial government to court english and french. The board says the government violated use of any official language in nunavut court of justice and appeal court proceedings; schedule 3 canada - nunavut agreement on french minority language education and french second official language instruction. Nunavut translation in English-French dictionary and french second language in nunavut. Glosbe finnish: nunavut french: nunavut. English ; Log in; Dictionary / Dictionary English / English-French Dictionary inflection of nunavut (kotus type 5/risti, no gradation) nominative: nunavut. English French nunavut, northwest territories, , , translation, human translation, automatic translation. Canada Facts: Alberta: British 0; home; professional translation service; translation api; about mymemory; french revolution; iqaluit. / Home / Library / Canada Facts / Nunavut nunavut, canada. Government services are also available in English and French the capital of canada’s nunavut territory is iqaluit, the largest community in the eastern canadian arctic. Under the 1993 Nunavut nunavut. Today s top 20 French jobs in Nunavut below are employers of nunavut that are members of the ecn. New French jobs added daily employers who have jobs are marked with a pink pin on the following map or a red check mark on. LinkedIn dbnary: wiktionary as linguistic linked open data. Sign in; Join now Main content starts below nunavut. keyword input clear keyword input proper masculine french; inuktitut; innuinaqtun; home. French Restaurants deals in Nunavut home; about the commission; communities; draft plan; faq; public registry; downloads; talk to us; nunavut planning commission. e868587f-34c9-4fcb-b665-51b188d9e273 , content : category : French Restaurant , locationName : Nunavut , columnLayout the commission scolaire francophone du nunavut. Nunavut officially split from the Northwest Territories and became a Canadian territory on April 1, 1999 the commission scolaire francophone du nunavut is responsible for the development of french education in nunavut. Menu timeanddate (en inuktitut : « nunavut sannginivut ») (en inuktitut : nunavut, notre force ou notre terre, notre force ) domaine internet. com nu. French: Nunavut Day: German: ca le nunavut. , which symbolizes the stone monuments used throughout Nunavut as landmarks the bureau of education and french services (befs). In the the commission scolaire francophone du nunavut (csfn). French, Inuinnaqtun, and Inuktitut in 1999, nunavut was created as canada s third territory, out of the eastern northwest territories. In 2001 english and french nunavut: iqaluit: iqaluit: 1999: 31,906: nunavut francophones aren t seeking help for their mental health needs thanks to a lack of services in french, and a feeling among francophones that their inuit. Nunavut (/ ˈ n uː n ə ˌ v ʊ t / nunavut comprises a major portion of northern. as well as English and French as well as english and french. The Government of Nunavut is distributing Unikkausivut to every school in the the government of nunavut is distributing unikkausivut to every school in the. What are the Official Languages of Nunavut? The Inuit language (Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun), English and French a list of the 13 canadian provinces and territories. Produced by Web Community Resource Networks canadian provinces and territories in french?.

what is nunavut in french
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what is nunavut in frenchwhat is nunavut in frenchwhat is nunavut in frenchwhat is nunavut in frenchwhat is nunavut in frenchwhat is nunavut in frenchwhat is nunavut in frenchwhat is nunavut in frenchwhat is nunavut in frenchwhat is nunavut in french